The teams are accommodated at local schools, gymnasiums and at the camp site. 


Kildebakkeskolen, Soldalen 8, 7480 Vildbjerg
Lundgårdskolen, Tjelevej 25, 7400 Herning
Nøvling Skole, Herningvej 70 A, Nøvling, 7480 Vildbjerg
Nøvlingskov Efterskole, Nøvlingskovvej 5, Nøvling, 7480 Vildbjerg
Sinding Skole, Skoletoften 7, Sinding, 7400 Herning
​Snejbjerg Skole, Snejbjerg Hovedgade 75, 7400 Herning
Timring Skole, Fuglevænget 1, Timring, 7480 Vildbjerg
Vildbjerg Skole, Bjørnkærvej 2, 7480 Vildbjerg
Vinding Skole, Skolegade 6, 7550 Sørvad

Clubs may not expect to have a class-room for each team on their own.


Nøvlingskov Efterskoles Hal, Nøvlingskovvej 5, Nøvling, 7480 Vildbjerg
Sinding-Ørre Midtpunkt, Skoletoften 7, Sinding, 7400 Herning
Skibbild-Nøvling Idrætscenter, Herningvej 70 B, 7480 Vildbjerg
Sørvad Kultur- & Idrætscenter, Vognstrupvej 11, 7550 Sørvad
Timring Sportscenter, Fuglsangsvej 15, Timring, 7480 Vildbjerg
Vildbjerg Skolehal, Bjørnkærvej 2, 7480 Vildbjerg


Clubs shall bring along tents and caravans themselves. We also offer a “rent-a-caravan” service.
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Tent camp

The tent camp is as an alternative to school accommodation, especially for the older players. Upon arrival we have built up a small tent camp, 4 persons in each tent, ready to move in.
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ALL participants should bring along sleeping bag and mattress!

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