Vildbjerg Cup is sanctioned by FIFA.

A player may only be listed and play with ONE team.

The tournament is played in 2 rounds. In the qualifying round the 4 (or 5) teams of each pool (pulje) play against each other. Winners and runners-up in each pool proceed to the final round which is played by the cup system, e.g. having lost a match, teams drop out of the tournament. Remaining teams proceed to NORDOMATIC CUP (B-finals), also played by the cup-system.

Players per match:

5-a-side teams: max. 8 players per match
8-a-side teams: max. 12 players per match
11-a-side teams: max. 16 players per match


Free substitution of players in all matches.


We draw your attention to the fact that cut-off date is 1 January, though dispensation may be granted upon written application prior to the tournament for:

5-a-side teams: max. 2 players per team
8-a-side teams: max. 2 players per team
11-a-side teams: max. 3 players per team
As from 2017 The Danish Football Association has changed the dispensation rules a bit. This means:
11-a-side teams are allowed to select up to 3 players half a year older than the age grade to play along.
8-a-side teams max 2 players.

Upon written request though we may grant dispensation for one of these players (8-side and 11-a-side teams) born between 1.1-31.7 previous year.
Dispensation granted by national and/or regional football federations also apply during Vildbjerg Cup. Before first kick off, however, the tournament office needs documentation for these dispensations.
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