Terms of payment

Team entry deadline is 15th May.

By cancellations of teams made before 1st June we will repay the fee. If teams are cancelled after 1st June we do not refund the entry fee.

Deadline for registering participants and payment of participation fee is 22nd May.
Additional players can be reported online until 15th July.

If you cancel players before 1st June we will refund the participation fee. Cancellations of players made after 1st June we do not refund the participation fee.

Camping reporting deadline is on 15th June.

By cancellation of camping units made before 15th June the camping fee transferred will be paid back. Cancellations made after 15th June we do not refund.

In case of cancellation

Hvis Vildbjerg Cup aflyses, tilbagebetales det fulde indbetalte beløb.

Covid-19 info

If Vildbjerg Cup 2022 is cancelled, the full amount paid will be refunded.