Vildbjerg Cup is sanctioned by FIFA. 
Special rules can be found here before the tournament.

A player may only be listed and play with ONE team. ikke dispensationer til at spille på flere hold.

Alle hold skal udfylde et elektronisk holdkort i tilmeldingssystemet, som skal være indtastet senest torsdag d. 25. juli kl. 12.00. 

The tournament is played in 2 rounds. In the qualifying round the 4 (or 5) teams of each pool (pulje) play against each other. Winners and runners-up in each pool proceed to the final round which is played by the cup system, e.g. having lost a match, teams drop out of the tournament. Remaining teams proceed to the B-finals, also played by the cup-system.

Players per match:

5-a-side teams max. 8 players per match
8-a-side teams: max. 12 players per match
11-a-side teams: max. 16 players per match

Free substitution of players in all matches.

Tournament office

The tournament office is open all days during Vildbjerg Cup. If you have any question regarding the tournament, rules, results etc. please stop by.

Phone numbers during Vildbjerg Cup:
+45 7178 5369 / +45 7178 9402

Inquiries before and after Vildbjerg Cup must be made to the Vildbjerg Cup office. +45 9713 3820 or